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CEO Message

We operate our business responsibly, not only creating innovative products but also finding innovative ways of working for the benefit of society and the environment at large.

We strive to contribute to the world’s happiness and sustainability.

Safe & Legal Labor

Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Operations

People & Communities

i-Tail’s Policy

As part of Thai Union Group, i-Tail has adopted Thai Union's SeaChange® sustainability strategy that aims to drive positive change in the seafood industry. SeaChange® is organized into 4 programs: Safe & Legal Labor, Responsible Operation, Responsible Sourcing, and People & Communities.

i-Tail has also adopted a policy to operate our business in accordance with sustainable development guidelines by emphasizing the importance of the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), defined by 9 principles.

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Value Chain


i-Tail aligns with the objectives under the Responsible Sourcing and Responsible Operations programs of SeaChange®, operating our business with due care for the environment and a commitment to protecting it by using natural resources efficiently to minimize any adverse environmental impact.

Aligning with our stakeholders' expectations, caring for the environment and responsible operations are part of i-Tail's strategy and action plan.

Our 2025 Target


of our branded packaging is

30% average recycled content in packaging used for our own brands

We abide by Thai Union’s Tuna Commitment that the sourcing of tuna will be from vessels and suppliers that demonstrate Operational Best Practices to prevent IUU fishing and modern slavery.

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors fully recognizes the importance of good corporate governance, which provides the guideline to conduct the business based on honesty, transparency, accountability, and ethics, following the best practices for listed companies. i-Tail has set a policy which includes the guideline on directors’ nominations which need to be diversified in skills, experience, and knowledge in formulating and driving the business strategies and goals. All the directors strictly adhere to and comply with the Good Corporate Governance Policy and Principles.

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