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Teamwork makes dreams work!

We give our heart and soul to what we do every day. We work collaboratively in diverse cultures. With the shared goal of finding new op-pet-tunities, we operate both independently and even better together as a team.

We push ourselves to rethink, cultivate a growth mindset, adopt a paw-sitive attitude, share exciting ideas and aspirations. This is part of our DNA.


We are one big family with the goal of making life better for our pets and their parents

Our Culture

We are a team of passionate, humble and respectful individuals driven by a responsible, collaborative and innovative approach to our work.

Values of Attitude


Ambitious for growth

Retains winning spirit

Seeks to outperform own past performance


Believes in and demonstrates openness to learn and continuous improvement

Shows openness to feedback and coaching

Embraces vulnerability, willingness to truly be oneself


Embraces differences and diversity

Is conscious of other’s opinions and time

Listens attentively and actively

Value of Action


Acts responsibly towards planet, people and communities

Takes ownership, is accountable

Follows through on commitments


Identifies shared goals and points of interdependence within and across teams

Integrates diverse and complementary skills for maximizing outcomes

Consciously makes efforts to build relationships


Demonstrates curiosity and is comfortable with change and ambiguity

Is willing to challenge status quo and examine & adopt new ideas

Does not hesitate to try and fail and learn from failures

If this sounds like you, then come and join us!

  • You're fun and hard-working
  • You think outside the box
  • You're PAWsitive and have a growth mindset
  • You're PAW-friendly
  • You love challenges
  • You dare to dream and make your dreams come true
  • You love teamwork
Open Positions