Career | i-Tail Corporation

Teamwork makes dreams work!

We give our heart and soul to what we do every day. We work collaboratively in diverse cultures. With the shared goal of finding new op-pet-tunities, we operate both independently and even better together as a team.

We push ourselves to rethink, cultivate a growth mindset, adopt a paw-sitive attitude, share exciting ideas and aspirations. This is part of our DNA.


We are one big family with the goal of making life better for our pets and their parents

Our Culture

We are a team of passionate, humble and respectful individuals driven by a responsible, collaborative and innovative approach to our work.

Values of Attitude


We are ambitious for growth

We have a winning spirit

We seek to be the best


We believe in continuous improvement

We are humble, not arrogant

We listen carefully


We treat others as we want to be treated

We embrace inclusion and diversity

We are conscious of other people’s opinions and their time

Value of Action


We take ownership because we are accountable

We follow through on our commitments

We have the long-term context in our view


We identify common goals for all members

We integrate diverse skillsets for the best outcomes

We encourage and consider inputs


We are always curious

We explore and adopt new ideas

We think outside the box

If this sounds like you, then come and join us!

  • You're fun and hard-working
  • You think outside the box
  • You're PAWsitive and have a growth mindset
  • You're PAW-friendly
  • You love challenges
  • You dare to dream and make your dreams come true
  • You love teamwork
Open Positions